Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why we blog

One of the comments under the "hair debacle" post, though a little antagonistic, was thought provoking.

Our metropuritan blog is a unique blend of the practical and theoretical, earthly and spiritual, meaningful and inconsequential. One post you may have Leatha dropping some awesome recipe, and the next might be Mark getting all of her friends mad about his views on schooling. It's about a family trying to love Jesus in a complex world. That's what our blog is, but here is why we blog:

1. Relational

We have friends spread out all over the U.S. and world, and blogging is a way to stay connected. If we only posted deep thoughts about God and the world, that wouldn't be a complete picture of what's going on in our lives.

2. 1 Corinthians 11:1

Leading a large ministry, there are more people that know me than people that I know. Of course, I want to know them all, but it's just not realistic. I know that I'm not as spiritual as most pastors (if I were I probably wouldn't post about hair, movies, my family, etc), but I would like to think I'm living a life that people should emulate.

If not, I should be fired.

If I don't have an exemplary relationship with my wife, kids, neighbors, etc, what business do I have telling other people how to live according to God's word? I think any follower of Jesus should all be able to say, "Follow me, as I follow the example of Christ."

We always strive to be as authentic as possible in our blogs. Always leading you to believe we're only reading the Bible, deep theological books, classic novels and the Wall Street Journal may make us look good, but it's ultimately self-righteousness. I find that easy to come by in the blogosphere.

At the end of the day, we're trying with all of our hearts to follow Jesus and we hope others will follow that path. And I don't think it will take much reading before you'll see how flawed we are, just like you. Hopefully you'll see the authentic struggle of life and faith, and have hope. Or maybe you'll just plain feel better about yourself after reading...(I can't believe they watched that movie...or Mark said that to Leatha...)

3. Writing and Thinking

In addition to God and people, there are two other things I love: words and ideas.

I enjoy writing, but since I'm not a journalist or author, I don't have an outlet for that. Writing skills are challenged when you need to make the mundane interesting, or a story compelling, or an incident funny for your readers.

Blogging also sharpens my thinking skills by forcing me to communicate with clarity.

4. Journal/Book?

If you're like me you've thought at one point in your life, "I'd like to write a book about that." But of course, you never do.

It helps me systematize my thoughts. If an idea, metaphor, or life illustration comes to mind, it's not lost in the mind abyss- I can write it out and actually remember- "yeah, that was a cool thought."

As Jonathan Edwards would say, "Happiness is inclined to overflow." Our greatest joy would be to know that in some small way our happiness in God has spilled over to you through the blog.


Ed Noble said...

Markie Mark,

1st... the hair is hideous :-) JK
2nd - dude needs to not judge the servant of another
3rd - I love keeping up w/ your adventures & misadventures
4th - It helps me in my relationship with the Truth to read your thoughts & musings on how the Truth is working itself out in the life of Mark the pastor, Mark the dad, Mark the husband, Mark the husker fan.
5th - blogs are supposed to be incarnational
6th - in case you ever move to Cali, you'll fit right in as a 31 year (41... 51?) old man profoundly concerned about your lettuce.
Ed Noble
p.s. I've heard surfboard sea sickness may be genetic
p.s.s. tell Jeff I haven't forgotten about him... I'm weighing in soon down there :-)

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, please accept my apology for the antagonistic tone--it was kicking you when you were down already with the bad hair. :) It was a bad lead-in to my true question.

My real issue was about these weird pseudo-relationships that blogs create. By reading someone's blog you can know what they had for supper, their favorite music, their thoughts on the trivial and the deep things of life, yet if you passed them on the street they wouldn't know who you were. It's like our fascination with celebrities--kinda creepy. It's such a disjointed form of connecting and just feels inauthentic.

But blogs definitely serve a purpose, maybe mostly for passing on information rather than really connecting. You've given your readers both practical suggestions about parenting, cooking, etc. and gems about legalism being the act of putting an unnecessary burden on someone. That's gold.

But my sinful heart with it's desire for validation and self-promotion flares up with judgment when I see the same things in bloggers.

Maybe a future post could be about "judging the servant of another" as Ed Noble mentioned and explaining the what the Bible has to say about judging and the whole "you can't judge" anything or anyone myth. That would be a great use of a blog and I obviously need it! I mean it..I'm not being smart this time! :)

Barbie said...

Whoever anonymous is...I know they're from the midwest..."supper" gave them away.
We don't say supper here dude. LOL
BTW, I was committed to keeping the word "pop" alive on the west coast, but am afraid it only lastedin my vocab a few months after moving here.

Anonymous said...
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